No Pressure Knowledge

Written by Charlie Elizabeth Culverhouse It’s 2005 and Youtube has just hit the internet. You’re opened up to a world of classic viral content like ‘Charlie bit my finger’ and Liam Kyle Sullivan’s ‘Shoes’ – the world will never be the same. Luckily for us, the platform and its content has vastly evolved since its… Read More No Pressure Knowledge

‘Ammonite’ is the Perfect Lesbian Film – Here’s Why

Written by Jasmine Waters For those that celebrate Pride month or are discovering an identity that exists outside of the heteronormative framework, queer representation in visual media is often the first port of call. As a result, the lack of realism and range within the sapphic cinematic canon is something we’re overly familiar with –… Read More ‘Ammonite’ is the Perfect Lesbian Film – Here’s Why