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How to pitch

  • Email your pitch to the relevant section
  • The subject of the email should be ‘PITCH – Headline’
  • In the email briefly describe the article you want to write as well as a little bit about who you are

Current Affairs

Want to report on a breaking news story? Or write an article about current news topics?

Here are the types of pitches we will accept…

Articles about: current news stories, spotlighting an untold news story, news from UK, Europe, America, Middle East and Asia, current affairs that are unfolding.

If you have any more ideas or a unique take on a news story then please do pitch to us too!



Want to write for the History section of the site?

Here are the type of pitches we will accept…

Articles about: historical figures (particularly female figures), historical events, history of everyday items, shining a spotlight on those lost in history or bringing their story to life, the history of the events we celebrate today…

If you have any other ideas please do email and an editor will get back to you!



Want to report on climate change? Spotlight an important environment article?

Here are the type of pitches we will accept…

Articles about: current news stories on the environment e.g. climate change, current protests, sustainability, overproduction of cattle farming/fishing, important environmental programmes, activists, etc.

Have any more ideas? Email and one the editors will get back to you!


Culture / Personal Pieces

Want to write an article for the Culture section of the site? Or a Personal Pieces article?

Here are the type of pitches we will accept…

Book/film/TV reviews, any opinion articles about the society we live in, articles about health/fitness/diet, social media, fashion, astrology/horoscopes

First-hand accounts, opinion articles, personal essays on a variety of experiences.

If you have a particular idea that you think would fit the Culture section, please do email!


Join our Facebook Contributors group!

If you would like to become a regular contributor/writer for the site please join our Facebook Contributor pages for each section!

Each week the editors of each section will be creating a content call out post, listing all the recent, important articles where you can then comment claiming which ones you would like to write!

Current Affairs Contributors page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2889055878037838

Culture Contributors page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/481550259666087?modal=false&should_open_composer=false

History Contributors page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/270200164702451

Environment Contributors page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/275231020722265

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