On this page you will find interviews conducted by the founder of A Little Insight. Isabella will be interviewing a variety of interesting and inspirational people on a multitude of topics including their careers, personal journeys and also raising awareness of important topics.

Ella Greenwood on founding a production company at 18, the film industry and the importance of mental health

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  I grew up in London, England and always loved films so knew I wanted to work in the industry. I was home-schooled from the age of 13. I started out as an actor, signed with an agent and went to lots of auditions and then I…

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Costanza Casati on her new novel The President Show, important themes and the writing process

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Costanza Casati and I am a 25-year-old writer and screenwriter. I was born in Texas, USA, and moved to Italy when I was two – my whole family is Italian and I grew up in the countryside just outside Milan. I then moved…

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The Sunday Sweats Club & Co. on setting up a new clothing brand, inspiration and sustainability

Who is behind the brand and when did you start it? I am a 22 year old masters student from south London. I originally came up with the idea towards the end of last year when the weather was cold and we were all put into lockdown here in the UK. Due to already working…

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Amani Ibrahimi on her career and the journalism industry

First of all can you just give us a little rundown of who you are – background, degree, career? My name is Amani Ibrahimi and I am 25-years-old. I’m from Middlesbrough and come from an Arab/Iraqi family. I studied Multimedia Journalism at university in my home town which led me into my career as a…

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Beth Kirkbride on her online publication, career and journalism

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself: education, hobbies, career etc. I grew up in Sheffield where I was a regular on the local gig scene – I started reviewing live music aged 15-16 and I’ve loved writing my whole life. I did an English degree at Oxford University from 2015-2018 and then…

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Amber Sunner on the farmer protests in India

Rundown and heritage? My name is Amber Kaur Sunner and I’m an editor, journalist and student from the UK. My middle name, Kaur, represents my religion of Sikhism. It translates to lioness – which is what my religion and people are – lions and lionesses. My heritage lies in Punjab, India and I am the…

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