The Sunday Sweats Club & Co. on setting up a new clothing brand, inspiration and sustainability

  1. Who is behind the brand and when did you start it?

I am a 22 year old masters student from south London. I originally came up with the idea towards the end of last year when the weather was cold and we were all put into lockdown here in the UK. Due to already working part-time and being a full time masters student, it wasn’t until after Christmas I was really able to focus on the idea for The Sunday Sweats Club & Co., and I very shortly after that decided to give up my part-time work and put all my energy and resources into creating the brand. 

  1. Why did you start your own clothing brand? Who or what inspired you?

I was buying lots of lounge and leisurewear over the lockdowns the past year for learning from home and running errands. As I was wearing so much I was constantly washing it and I very quickly found that the quality was not responsive to the price I was paying. I did some research and bought pieces from lots of different high-street brands (paying higher prices than our brand charges for jumpers, joggers etc.) and the quality was poor, the colouring diminished after a few washes and the material was thin and uncomfortable etc. This inspired me to make my own pieces using high quality materials and a simple design that could be worn easily and incorporated into everyone’s wardrobe or outfit. 

  1. What makes your clothing brand stand out from the rest?

The Sunday Sweats Club & Co. is simple, high quality slow fashion. The whole range is easy to wear casually or dress up, we produce sustainable fashion and high quality pieces that can be worn again and again. Personally, I think the USP of our range is the extent of quality and transferability of all the pieces, it is also super comfy making customers never want to take off their purchases!

  1. How did you set up your clothing brand? What was the process like?

It all started from some simple designs on my macbook, I was trying to create a on trend, simple, slick, classic logo which was easy to wear, cute and iconic. After many designs and developments I came to the logo and name that we currently have and my confidence in the brand flourished. I spoke to some manufacturers, embroiderers, looked at colours and fabrics, and started producing some samples. The first batch of samples were low quality and not quite right for what we were trying to achieve with our brand. We switched manufacturers to a more ethical and sustainable supplier with much higher quality supplies and finally we were set to start producing products for our brand. 

  1. Had you always wanted to set up your own clothing brand/business?

I’ve always had a natural flair for business especially fashion related, I studied this throughout my undergrad and now my masters degree so it has always been a passion for me. As a young 22-year-old woman myself I know the trends, I know what I’d like to wear and what my age range wants and needs, and that’s exactly what I try to produce through The Sunday Sweats Club & Co. 

  1. Is there anything you’d personally like to see implemented more in the fashion industry or something you’d like to see more brands doing?

Sustainability is a huge step forward in the fashion industry. I strongly advise consumers and producers to get behind slow fashion, it is incredible how much change this can bring for the environment and our planet. It is so important we all do our part to help save and protect the world we live in, and I personally hope through creating a sustainable, slow fashion brand I can myself do my part in this fight. 

  1. Is there any way that your clothing brand tries to lessen the environmental impact? Is it something you are aware of / trying to implement with your clothes and brand?

We use a sustainable and ethical supplier, we use only small and local businesses for embroidery, stitching, tagging etc., all our gift wrap and packaging is recyclable and we aim to constantly improve our sustainability and reduce any environmental impact as we grow and move forward.

  1. What are your goals for The Sunday Sweats Club & Co.?

Mainly to continue to slowly grow, expand and extend our product line, to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable and  to continue to supply high quality affordable slow fashion to all our amazing customers!

  1. Any tips for those wanting to start their own clothing brand?

I get this question a lot, first of all I’d say just START, lots of people are always questioning themselves or their abilities but the truth is no one really knows what they are doing and the best tips you can get are from the mistakes and learning lessons you will face on your journey. Secondly, to be prepared, one thing I have learnt is the importance of preparation and organisation in this industry, you can never be too prepared for what might happen in the future. Lastly, to set goals, even if they are tiny, goal setting is so important, it helps you plan for future, stay motivated and track your success. One extra tip is to believe in yourself!!!! you are capable of anything you set your mind to.  

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