The Medusa Reclamation

Written by Oscar Hawkley [Trigger warning: violence, sexual violence, rape, mutilation] Medusa is a mythical Gorgon, though uniquely for her kind was deemed beautiful. Both her beauty and Gorgonism could be deemed as a blessing or curse. Beauty is usually considered a positive trait, though in Medusa’s case, it was enough to lead to the… Read More The Medusa Reclamation

Brenda Berkman; The Pioneering NYC Female Firefighter

Written by Alannah Marsden When we think about the people who put out fires and save people from burning buildings, a very similar image springs to everyone’s mind – firemen. Fire-MEN. In reality, there are so many incredible firefighters who are female, and they deserve just as much recognition. An example of one particular incredible… Read More Brenda Berkman; The Pioneering NYC Female Firefighter