How to write for A Little Insight

Here is how you can have an article published on the site:

1. Email your article pitch to with the subject line ‘Topic PITCH – headline’ for example ‘History PITCH – The archeological sensation of Ötzi the Iceman’ or ‘Environment PITCH – the truths about shark finning.’

2. Include in the email a brief description of what you would like to write about. What will the article include? Where are you getting your information from? Why should it be published on A Little Insight?

3. After this, write a couple of sentences about who you are/where you are from for a bit of background. Include links to any written work/portfolio. (If you are just starting out writing then don’t worry about this).

4. If we like the article idea you will write a formal draft which will then be sent to the same email with the subject line ‘Formal Draft’. Make sure if you use any facts or figures from other sites to reference these in the formal draft. This will then be reviewed and finally published onto the site!

Articles will be posted on the social media accounts of A Little Insight so make sure you are following on Twitter and Instagram.

We look forward to receiving your articles and having your articles published on the site!

Here are some recent articles for some inspiration and to indicate what we are looking for:

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