10 Eco-friendly Valentine ideas

Written by Grace Previte

Perfect for Lockdown

Whether you’re in a relationship, single or just looking to do something special; have a look through these 10 eco-friendly ideas. How many can you tick off?

Fill an old glass jar up with little notes

These could say something nice on each one for your loved one, or you could even do it for a family member or best friend 😊 I was once given this by a pupil; it was honestly the sweetest thing anyone has done for me. I loved it! 

Make a card for someone

Instead of buying another valentine’s card from the shops (which is going to end up in recycling) be creative and make your own! Homemade cards are much more thoughtful and it’s a good way to re-use old cards and make something beautiful out of them. Etsy have some gorgeous recycled cards for sale if you can’t face making your own. 

Support Small Businesses

Use Etsy to find a special gift for someone, there are so many lovely buyers on there who are making eco friendly gifts and use recycled packaging. Why not buy a lovely organic candle, natural oil soap or a special handmade print. This is a great way to support small businesses too. 

Make your own chocolates

I love to make homemade truffles; they are actually pretty simple to make and they taste divine. This will also save you a lot of money and you won’t be wasting all those plastic boxes and card boxes that chocolates seem to be covered in. I will be posting the truffle recipe on my Instagram if you want to have a go at making them too! 😊

Buy some organic wine or prosecco

My favourite one at the moment is Aldi’s organic prosecco and for only £7.99! (bargain). It uses organic grapes, so they aren’t covered in pesticides and therefore it’s better for your health. Organic alcohol has been known to give people less of a hangover too (it’s win win situation). 😉

Support local farmers

Treat yourself and order an organic food or veg box from local farmers. This could be to make a new vegetarian meal, or a good quality meal with some organic/free range meat. There are lots of dine in for two meals for sale in the supermarkets, but these are covered in packaging and are never as nice as a homecooked meal. Why not find a new recipe online and share the cooking responsibilities? E.g. one person cooks the main and the other person makes desert! Why not try @tendrevolution or @farm_directuk which have a good mixture of top-quality vegetarian, vegan and meat products on their websites. 

Do something different

Go for a romantic walk in a new place. My favourite place to go is Richmond Park or by the River Thames, but make sure you go early as the parks will be super busy! Or meet up with a friend, grab a coffee and go for a lovely catch up 😊 Valentines day can be spent with anyone remember! 

Breakfast Ideas

Make someone a delicious breakfast. Why not try French toast, pancakes, or even my favourite breakfast – porridge with a tin of coconut milk in it. It’s a super easy breakfast if you want a lazy morning in bed. 

Order some local flowers or buy a plant

Make sure they are from a good local florist, or, even better buy a plant as these last longer. Look after this plant and it should keep your home looking lovely and fresh. We all know plants are one of the best things we can have in the house, as they release oxygen and take in our carbon dioxide. 

Think about others

If you are single, then why not do one of these for yourself! It’s a lovely way to treat yourself, or even a best friend. I’m sure they would love to get a package with some homemade truffles in. 😊 Remember that this can also be a hard time for people that have lost loved ones or recently broken up. So perhaps you could think about those people and do something nice for them this year.

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