The Pandemic Has People Looking For a Sign: Why Has Interest in Astrology Recently Peaked?

Written by Amy Britton

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a variety of trends to the forefront of culture: banana bread baking, HIIT workouts, and even more TikTok dances. But one trend no one could have predicted was the increase in popularity of looking to the stars to help understand the future. Whilst astrology has always been floating around the internet, the past year has seen a dramatic peak in interest surrounding the ideas of astrology and how it can affect our lives. 

For decades, the world has been through social, economic and political turmoil causing huge amounts of stress and uncertainty. COVID-19 has only further amplified this uncertainty and has left many people’s lives in shadowy darkness.

The copious amount of free time that has been thrust upon us has caused many people to start to question where they are at in their lives and whether they are truly satisfied. The removal of our usual support systems of our family and friends has left us looking for other places for comfort and direction.

Astrology seems to be the activity that people have used to replace their normal routine. It was recorded that the words ‘astrology’ and ‘birth chart’ were both at a five year high at the end of 2020

But this still leaves the question as to why so many people have put faith in the universe. With all of the uncertainty in our lives, using astrology to gain some control over the future seems like the ideal comfort blanket. The planets follow specific patterns that allow people to believe that the pandemic will not last forever and is just merely ‘a blip in the cycle’.

Often, the public needs some reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel and with this not coming from the constant decision changes made by the government, astrology may be the perfect replacement. Astrology helps us gain some understanding as to why we may be feeling a certain way or experiencing a prolonged period of bad luck. But overall, astrology gives us, mere humans, a purpose and an answer as to why we have been put on this planet. 

People also use astrology as a way to explain others’ strange behaviours. Astrology gives an explanation to the human condition, whether that is an answer as to why a friend is acting weirdly or one’s partner isn’t as open as usual.

Astrology is often used as a way to explain someone’s traits such as Leo’s self-confidence, Taurus’ stubbornness and Cancer’s emotional trait. People sometimes feel more comfortable around certain star signs and exploit astrology as the reason why they get along well with some people more than others.

Whilst the pandemic is mostly to blame for this increase in interest, popular apps can also be seen as a reason why so many are obsessed with star signs. TikTok has given another platform to creators to make content relating to astrology.

This content is mostly relatable memes about the different signs with a lot of comments being ‘oh wow, this is so accurate!’. This sparks more interest within young people and has created a cult following surrounding astrology. Other popular apps include Astrology Zone and Co-star, allowing young people easy access to their daily horoscope. 

Being an extremely sceptical person, I am still not sure how much I believe that the planets and stars have a huge impact on one’s experiences and personality compared to the environment in which someone is brought up. But for the sake of research, I did look up my own horoscope for 2021 on

Everything does seem to be positive with anything negative quickly being followed by any issues being resolved with time. I believe astrologists play into people’s emotions by telling them mostly positive things or following negativity with positive outcomes and guidance. However, this may just link to the natural peaks and troughs of life. Despite my suspicions, I still think astrology is a fun activity to enjoy with friends and to poke fun at our odd behaviours. 

Featured image courtesy of Farzad Mohsenvand via Unsplash. No changes have been made to this image.

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